Italian-American Organizations Join to Save Columbus Day


The Order Sons of Italy in America® has joined the National Italian American Foundation and other Italian-American organizations in a collaborative effort to save Columbus Day.

#SaveColumbusDay Initiative Call to Action:

In the wake of the decision by the City Council of Seattle, Washington to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day, this initiative was created to provide a united response for a growing coalition of Italian-American organizations and others concerned by the denigration of Columbus’ legacy. Be a part of our initiative by spreading the word and staying with us for future updates and initiatives so we might all honor Columbus Day and make sure that it is protected from all future threats.

“Columbus Day is the official holiday of the Sons of Italy®. As such, it is imperative that our members and supporters lead the charge to preserve Columbus Day for future generations. I urge each OSIA member and supporter to not only sign the Save Columbus Day Petition but to promote the petition. Supporters with social media capabilities can easily disseminate the petition through Facebook, Twitter or email. The Columbus holiday is ours and the duty is on us to preserve, protect and promote it. If we don’t, then who will?” asks CSJ President Joseph Boncore.

As one of the nation’s estimated 26 million Italian Americans, we hope that you will join us in the spreading the word.

To sign the White House petition to save Columbus Day, click here. For more information on this collaborative effort, visit

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