About The Sons of Italy

The Order Sons of Italy in America (Sons of Italy or OSIA for short) is the largest and oldest national organization for men and women of Italian heritage in the United States.

Founded in 1905 in New York City’s Little Italy as a mutual aid society for the early Italian immigrants, today OSIA has more than 600,000 members and supporters and a network of more than 650 chapters coast to coast, making it the leading service and advocacy organization for the nation’s estimated 26 million people of Italian descent.

OSIA’s missions include encouraging the study of Italian language and culture in American schools and universities; preserving Italian American traditions, culture, history and heritage; and promoting closer cultural relations between the United States and Italy.

OSIA publishes the full-color quarterly magazine Italian America, the most widely read publication for Italian American in the United States.  The magazine is included free with membership and is also available by subscription.

The Sons of Italy Foundation (SIF) is a private, philanthropic institution established by OSIA in 1959. To date, the SIF has given more than $108 million to scholarships, medical research, cultural preservation, disaster relief, and other causes.

The Commission for Social Justice (CSJ) is the anti-defamation arm of OSIA. The CSJ is committed to fighting racism, prejudice, and the stereotyping of all races, religions and cultures, especially Italians and Italian Americans.

The SIF owns the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum in Staten Island, N.Y. The museum is housed in the historic home of inventor Antonio Meucci and chronicles his life as well as that of his one-time house guest, Italian unifier Giuseppe Garibaldi.