First on First: University of Bologna

While the University of Bologna is not the oldest existing & continually operating university in the world (that claim goes to the University of Karueein in Morocco), it is the oldest university in Europe.

Bologna-vista02The University of Bologna (or Università Degli Studi Di Bologna) was established in 1088. By the 12th century, the school became known for its law program, which attracted students from all over Europe. In the 13th century, the University of Bologna added a medical program. This program gained prominence across the continent for its use of human dissection. Among the many illustrious alumni that completed their studies at the Italian school are Petrarch, Nicolaus Copernicus, Carlo Goldoni, Laura Bassi, Luigi Galvani, Enzo Ferrari and Guglielmo Marconi. The university continues to be a pioneer in many fields and serves as a model for modern colleges worldwide.

Sources: University of Bologna, Encyclopædia Britannica, The Guinness World Records

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