Leslie Scalapino: Italian of the Week

Phenomena - COVER FINAL.inddLeslie Scalapino: poet, playwright, essayist and editor. Born on July 25, 1944, in Santa Barbara, California, Leslie grew up in an academic family that often traveled the world. She attended Reed College and later UC Berkeley where she focused on literature. Leslie published over 30 books including poetry, plays, fiction, essays and various collaborations with other authors and artists. Her most famous poem, way, was oft compared to the works of Beat poets Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. Leslie passed away in 2010.



An excerpt from way:

The thought of the construction workers—seeing them—having occurred then

later—events set in terms of chronology—which may be earlier in time, but emotionally are of a later age


that would be the age—which the boy on his father’s sailboat ‘

would be part of—and my being free therefore


—I’m out
walking by
myself—to be
like some

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Sources: Poets.org, Poetry Foundation

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