Linda LeMura: Italian of the Week

linda_pressLinda LeMura was born in 1960 in Syracuse, New York. Her parents moved to New York from Catania, Sicily, and settled in an Italian neighborhood – called the North Side – in Syracuse. Linda’s parents stressed the importance of education and family to their children. She took their guidance to heart, and she received an athletic scholarship for basketball at Niagara University where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in biology and education.

Linda later returned to her hometown and attended Syracuse University where she received both her master’s and doctorate in applied physiology. She opted for a life in education and taught at Bloomberg University before becoming the Dean of Arts and Sciences Le Moyne College. In 2007, Linda was named provost and became the highest-ranking woman at the school. Earlier this year, in March 2015, she made history. Linda was inaugurated as Le Moyne College’s President and she became the first lay female in the world to lead a Jesuit college or university,


One thought on “Linda LeMura: Italian of the Week

  1. Joseph Sciame, Chair, Italian Heritage and Culture Committee-NY, Inc. and Chair, Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations

    Congratulations to Linda in her post as LeMoyne’s President, and indeed a woman of achievement! On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee – NY, Inc., we extend our heartiest and best wishes to you. Joseph Sciame, President/Chair…

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