Ted Bacino: Italian of the Week

Ted Bacino has had a long and diverse career. In October 1954, he served as editor to the Northern Star – the brand new student-produced paper at Northern Illinois University (NIU). He graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1955. He would later say of his experience as an editor: “It wasn’t always good for grades, but it taught me skills I have continued to use – from managing deadlines and dealing with public relations to layout and design.” A few years later Ted wrote and directed the first musical at NIU, titled Take it From the Top.

Ted would go on to receive his masters degree from Northern Illinois University in 1965. After graduating, he worked as an assistant principal at a high school in Rockford, IL. After  some time Ted became the Director of Public Relations at Rock Valley College. His love for musical theater and writing would continue to follow him, and he he founded the Starlight Theatre at Rock Valley and the Cabaret Dinner Theater at the Clock Tower Hotel and Resort.

ted_bacinoWanting a change in pace, Ted became the Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State for Illinois. After dabbling in politics for a short while, Ted moved to California with his family to pursue a career in marketing, and would later retire in the state. While retired, Ted rediscovered his college love: writing. He once said in an interview with his alma mater: “It’s the one thing to never forget…you never lose your ability to write. There are a lot of opportunities for writers out there and when you find the one that’s right for you, it makes life perfect.”

Most recently, Ted has written and published the book The Shakespeare Conspiracy: A Novel About the Greatest Literary Deception of All Time. This historical fiction is rooted in fact and it looks at the possibility that William Shakespeare did not write his plays at all, but that the true author of the tales was a man named Christopher Marlowe. Ted later adapted his book into a play that has been performed nationwide.

After becoming a pillar in his community, directing theater for over 50 years, and a successful published author, Ted was awarded a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars in November 2005. In 2003, the Greater Rockford Italian American Association (GRIAA) recognized and inducted Ted into their Italian-American Hall of Fame.

Sources: The Shakespeare ConspiracyTed Bacino Interview with NIU, Ted Bacino Walk of Stars

This week’s #ItalianoftheWeek was suggested by fan Nick Barelli.
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