12 Nutella Products You Never Knew You Needed

KeepCalm_CarryASpoonHappy World Nutella Day!

Really though, who needs a reason to eat Nutella? In my world, every day is Nutella day – Nutella on bread, Nutella in cookies, Nutella on a spoon…

This year, in honor of World Nutella Day, we scoured the web to bring you some of the best Nutella-related products that you never knew you needed:

1. Nutella Ornament

More_Ornament-2Photo: Nutella Boutique

A perfect addition to any home – hang it on a Christmas tree, in the kitchen, or add it to your Nutella shrine.

2. Nutella Costume

Photo: TheCostumeCafe

For those times when you just need to dress up like your favorite hazelnut spread.

3. Vanilla Marshmallows Stuffed with Nutella

il_570xN.412849679_fdkcPhoto: SweetJumbles

You had me at marshmallow.

4. Nutella and Bread iPhone Case

il_570xN.561172999_e1f3Photo: Crafic

So realistic – just don’t eat your phone by accident…

5. Nutella Pillow

Photo: LaScatolaMagica

For those who want to snuggle with a jar of Nutella.

6. Personalized Nutella Spoon

il_570xN.531205865_swxlPhoto: TiffysLove

Now no one will touch your favorite Nutella spoon.

7. Nutella Tank

2329atg-w484h484z1-52351-i-just-wanna-have-abs-olutely-all-the-nutellaPhoto: Look Human

When you want to be sassy and let everyone know all the Nutella is yours.

8. Nutella Ring

il_570xN.646146787_40vhPhoto: MignonnerieShop

So tiny and cute!

9. Nutella Necklace

il_570xN.485824487_4zy3Photo: Zoozim

Lets people know you’re a fan without having to say anything!

10. Nutella Sweatshirt

13aa82d0-e399-11e3-807f-4f118f126d2c_largePhoto: PrintAllOverMe – Samir

Wear your favorite spread with pride!

11. Nutella Cookbook

483206_30_BEST_RECIPES:_NUTELLA______Photo: World Market

Three words: Nutella spring rolls. 

12. Giant Nutella Jar

417+6Uo4nQLPhoto: Amazon

A jar filled with 11lbs of heaven!

What do you wish you had?
Did we miss something? Share with us in the comments!

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