The Real Rockys – Winter 2015 Book Club Selection


Last week, we brought you a #ThrowbackThursday post regarding the man who inspired Rocky. A few years ago, we wrote about “Rocky” Marciano, who was a Sons of Italy® member (you can read that post here). Today, we look at The Real Rockys, a book by Rolando Vitale, and a Sons of Italy® Book Club selection:

51LRe+lXXNL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The history of Italian Americans in boxing starts in 1900 with the arrival of millions of southern Italian men who had no experience with prize-fighting. Yet, within a generation, their sons became stars in the ring and later generations went on to set records for the most world titles and champions. How did this happen? Author Vitale traces the rise of the Italian American boxer by exploring the social and historical conditions that all Italian Americans confronted and overcame. He also includes mini-biographies of the greatest boxers beginning with the first, Sicilian-born Casper Leon, and ending with Tony De Marco, the 1955 world welterweight champion.

Each quarter, the Sons of Italy® Book Club selects several books, and shares this selection in the Italian America magazine, as well as on our website. We are dedicated to the fiction and non-fiction works of Italian-American writers, and those who focus on Italian-American issues, themes and history.

To purchase The Real Rockys, click here.
For a complete listing of Sons of Italy® Book Club selections, visit our website.


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