Sorrento Gets My Highest Recommendation

Source: The Telegraph

Source: The Telegraph

As I finish up my first month interning here at OSIA, my mind constantly wanders to the 10 amazing days I spent in Italy in 2010. The group of about 30 students I went with consisted of students from my high school Italian class and the class of our nearby sister school, and our favorite Italian teacher chaperoned us on visits that started in Milan and ended in Rome.

We made our way to all the big cities including Venice, Florence and Rome, but looking back the city I was most taken aback by Sorrento.

The small town was memorable for its location along the coastline, the friendly atmosphere, and the delicious limoncello. For reference, Sorrento is near Naples and Pompeii. The drive to get into town was along the Amalfi Coast, which is a drive that I feel very fortunate to have experienced. You are led into Sorrento from narrow roads on a cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples, with Mount Vesuvius visible in the distance. It shouldn’t be a frightening drive unless you have the same very aggressive bus driver that we had; it is awe-inspiring. We took a stop briefly before entering the town to stop and take pictures of the beautiful bay and to try some of the delicious, freshly picked, lemon flavored items.

Once you are inside the city, there are many places to see. Via San Cesareo was the main road in town, full of unique shops and fresh food markets. There are also plenty of beautiful paths to walk on and many old, impressive buildings. There are a number of striking churches in Sorrento as well, but my group was happy walking around the small town and finding our own things to do for the day.

If you have the chance to go next time you’re in Italy, Sorrento gets my highest recommendation. It is a beautiful city with a great location near Capri, Pompeii, and Naples- don’t forget to pick up a bottle of limoncello!

Have you been to Sorrento? Which Italian town gets your highest recommendation? Let us know in the comments.

Written by OSIA National Office Intern, Brandon Pinto. Pinto is a rising junior at the University of Maryland, majoring in communications.


3 thoughts on “Sorrento Gets My Highest Recommendation

  1. Monte di Procida best seafood, quaint town, beautiful beaches, Ischia not too touristy, great beach; Praiano on the Amalfi Coast, great little town, warm people and cool limoncello factory, Maiori also on the coast, reminiscence of a Floridian landscape, could have been a town used in many of an italian move!…Catania, Taoromina, Ragusa, Palermo…best cities in Sicily with very ornate and old churches. Did I mention best cannolis can be found in Sicily.

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