Five Reasons to Visit Italy in the Fall

Are you too busy to take a vacation this summer? Want to avoid the seasonal crowds?

There’s no better time to head to Italy than in the fall. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Italy this autumn. (Become an OSIA Member by 11:59 p.m. EDT on July 14, 2013, and you could win two round-trip tickets to Italy. See here for more info.)

Food festivals

Fall is the time for festivals in Italy. Almost every Italian city has a festival, or sagre, during the year to celebrate the specialty the town is known for.  You can find a sagre almost every weekend in September, October and November.

Here are a few festivals for this year:

Last two weekends in September

Sagra della Salamina da sugo (Ferrara-area salami dish festival) in Ferrara (Emilia Romagna)

 October 18- 20 Vineyard Italy

Festa dell’uva (grape festival) in Bolzano (Trento- Alto Adige)


November 2-3

Sagra della Polenta (polenta festival) in Allerona (Umbria)

Last three weekends in November

Sagra del Tartufo Bianco e del Fungo Porcino (white truffle and porcini mushroom festival) in San Miniato (Tuscany)

For a larger list (unfortunately only available in Italian) visit:

Lower accommodation prices

Hotels in Italy are usually slightly less expensive between October and December. Although many tourists are taking advantage of this by visiting Italy in the less popular months, the Italian economy is currently in need of a boost and hotel prices tend to be more reasonable during the “cooler” months.

Beautiful Temperatures

Don’t let cooler temperatures discourage you from visiting Il Bel Paese in September, October or November. Temperatures during these months are usually warm enough to only require a light sweater. The best part about not being in Italy in the summer is you’re able to enjoy walking around the Roman ruins without the sweltering sun on your back.

Arno River Sunset

Average Fall Temperatures in Italy

September            October           November

Milan            75-54                     64-40                52-33

Palermo        80-72                     74-66               66-58

Rome            79-62                    71-56                62-46

Wine harvests

Need we say more?  What better time to visit Tuscany when the grapes are harvested. Many vineyards have tours to give you a look at the first step from freshly picked grape to fine vintage.

Autumn flavors

Not only are grapes harvested in autumn, but so are mushrooms and olive oil. It’s the best time to get dishes with fresh porcini mushroom sauce and to pick up a bottle of olive oil.

Written by OSIA National Office Staff Assistant, Carol Cummings.

One thought on “Five Reasons to Visit Italy in the Fall

  1. I love the taste of the autumn grapes, it’s fresh and delicious. I also think that the best time to visit Italy is during the fall season. My family and I use to have our family holiday during autumn and our favorite stop is Rome. It’s more enjoyable to roam around Rome by feet without having to worry about getting too much sweat or soaking under the rain. Autumn is the perfect time for a great Rome tour, indeed.

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