“Wait, haven’t I heard that song before?” Italian versions of English language music

I’ve found there’s no better way to improve my Italian than listening to Italian music. From Luciano Pavarotti to Rino Gaetano; from Mina to Vasco Rossi, all Italian music has its charm. That’s why I will never understand the phenomenon of Italian artists creating Italian language versions of American/English songs.  Although Italians aren’t the only ones who do this, it’s amazing how many Italians don’t know that these songs were originally harmonized in English.

While I prefer songs in their original languages, I can’t help but admire how catchy some of these tunes are in Italian! If you’ve never heard any of these songs before, take a listen! Here’s a list of a few of my favorites.

Paola Turci’s “Questione di Sguardi [Matter of Gazes]” is a cover of Faith Hill’s “This Kiss.”

Do you recognize this tune by Hearts of Stone’s “Con Le Mie Lacrime [With my tears]”? It is a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “As Tears go By.”

Another famous cover is Adriano Celentano’s “Pregherò [I will pray],” a version of “Stand by Me,” originally sang by Ben E. King.

Italians even covered The Beatles! Check out this version of “She Loves You [Lei ti ama]” sang by Fausto Leali.

And of course there’s an REM side to Italian singer Ligabue with his version of “It’s the end of the World as we Know It [A Che Ora è La Fine del Mondo].”

The list wouldn’t be complete without the Italian versions of Disney songs. Some of my favorites are “Kiss the Girl [Baciala]” from “The Little Mermaid [La Sirenetta],” and “The Circle of Life [Il Cerchio della Vita]” from “The Lion King [Il Re Leone]”

Written by OSIA National Office Intern, Carol Cummings. Cummings is a senior at American University, majoring in print journalism, with a minor in Italian.

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