Italian American Pride in Pop Culture from Coast to Coast

Two weeks ago Animal Planet’s hit television series Pit Boss featured their Italian pride and connections to OSIA. Hollywood lodge member, Shorty Rossi, is one of the stars of the show and a devout Italian-American as well as an animal activist. Shorty and the rest of his group  got together for a bingo fundraiser at a Los Angeles Sons of Italy lodge to raise money for the homeless and their pets. Upon discovering the homeless population in the city was taking care of abandoned pets, Shorty called OSIA to organize an event to collect blankets and any other belongings to donate to the homeless and their animals in LA. In the episode, Italian pride is evident from the classic Italian soundtrack to the “Buona Sera” greetings at the door. The characters participated in the charity all the while dancing and enjoying themselves in a classically Italian hospitable environment.

Short Rossi and Crew

“Now its time to score one for the Italians!” On the East coast, actress, singer-songwriter, composer, and active New York OSIA Member JoAnn Robertozzi, was nominated for an Emmy Award. October 14, Robertozzi was nominated by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for her score of the documentary film, 5,000 Miles From Home. Robertozzi is part of the girl group, Tre Bella and a familiar face from a myriad of national television commercials, films, and print ads. Jim Distasio and Paul M. Basile, the writers of the film, hired Robertozzi who chose the talented singer/songwriter AllisonTartalia to assist her with the project. “The project was a total challenge and a huge blessing”, admits Robertozzi.  “We had only a two week window to write and produce the score. These men had a passion and pride for this country that was undeniable.” The film was made possible by the Italian American Veterans Museum and Library in Chicago, IL. For more information contact or call 347.992.8338. For information about the film log onto

JoAnn Robertozzi

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