FREE Issue of Italian America Magazine!

About Italian America magazine — The most widely read publication for people of Italian¬†heritage in the United States.

Italian America is a full-color quarterly magazine in English.¬† It is the official publication of the Sons of Italy, the nation’s largest and oldest national organization for men and women of Italian heritage in the United States.

Italian America magazine has news and feature articles on:

  • Issues of national importance to Italian Americans
  • Italian American newsmakers in science, medicine, government, law, academia and business
  • Trends, demographics, and news about modern Italy
  • Little-known facts about Italian American history, contributions and traditions
  • Book reviews on new and classic books about Italy & Italian American heritage
  • Anti-defamation and stereotyping issues and initiatives
  • Updates on OSIA programs and chapter news
  • Topics of interest to young Italian Americans
  • Cultural, historical and contemporary topics

Sample Italian America

Interested in seeing what Italian America magazine is all about? View sample pages from the current issue. Want more? Send for your FREE sample issue!


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